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Our Onsite Support

A reliable IT platform is critical to any long term business success. Vital IT makes it easy for you to do business by partnering with you and delivering fast, efficient, tailored IT solutions, VITAL to your business's productivity.

With technology constantly changing it has become VITAL for business to ensure their IT infrastructure is running efficiently.

Vital IT offers a total solution, taking care of your IT headaches quickly and painlessly.

Our Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • bullet pointSales of PCs, servers and notebooks (laptops) and associated equipment
  • bullet pointOnsite technical support
  • bullet pointNetwork and server deployment and support
  • bullet pointWorkstation, laptop support
  • bullet pointRemote management
  • bullet pointSecurity and virus protection
  • bullet pointWeb and email hosting
  • bullet pointTelephone helpdesk support
  • bullet pointRegular proactive maintenance onsite visits
  • bullet pointDeployment of tailored hardware and software solutions
  • bullet pointCustom build the latest workstations tailored to your needs

Our technical staff are qualified and highly skilled in efficiently resolving system, network, software, database, communication, internet and peripheral issues.

For an obligation free onsite audit of your current IT infrastructure and security please complete and submit the below form or call 9555 8622

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Onsite Support Plans

Vital IT recognises the need businesses have for regular maintenance of their IT infrastructure and has developed a proactive support plan to assist in this regard.

Our "Vital Support Plan" offers two options, a Professional 12-hour plan and a Premium 24-hour plan. Both plans are designed for management of networks and systems through a proactive approach of scheduled servicing. Our consultants work with your organisation to understand your business needs and assist you with all future technology requirements.

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Web Hosting Fact Sheet

1.) Domain Registration.

This is your right to use the domain name. Your domain registrar is responsible for telling the Internet where to find your domain servers (see below). Registration is usually renewed every two years, but you can register domain for anywhere between one and ten years if required. Vital IT offers domain registration for $99.00 for two years. You can transfer your existing domain to Vital IT for management free of charge. Renewal at the end of the existing registration period will be processed by Vital IT. To transfer your domain you will need your existing domain registry key, or domain password.

2.) Domain hosting.

Domain hosting provides you with domain name system servers (DNS servers) which hold the information for your domain such as where your website is and where to deliver your e-mail. Your DNS server publishes your domain information on the Internet much like a web server which publishes your website on the Internet. DNS hosting is usually billed monthly. Vital IT offers DNS hosting for $15.00 per month.

3.) Web Design.

Often confused with web hosting. Your web designer creates a website design for you. This is usually a compilation of files in the HTML format. Your web designer is usually responsible for uploading your website to a web server to bring it online. Your web designer requires only your web server address and FTP password to put your website on the Internet. Those details are provided to you when you purchase a web hosting service. Be wary of web designers who say you must host your website on their own hosting service. Some unscrupulous web design companies have been known to impede access to your website HTML files which makes moving to another hosting provider or using a different web designer for updates difficult.

4.) Web hosting.

Web hosting is the provision of a web server to which you can upload your website to make it accessible to the Internet. Access to web servers is usually provided by an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. When you purchase web hosting you will be given the address of your web server in the form of an IP address (e.g. and an FTP password which you forward to your web designer who will use the details to update your website. Vital IT provides web hosting for $25.00 per month.

5.) Mail hosting.

This is the server which accepts delivery of your e-mail. Vital IT mail hosting is charged per mailbox. Every person in your organization usually has their own mailbox, however each mailbox can have multiple e-mail addresses. For example, several people might require a e-mail address in addition to their own individual e-mail address. The Vital IT Business Pack provides all of the above services from $35.00 per month paid annually. Any or all of the above services can be provided by separate companies. Therefore, if you only need domain hosting and registration services from Vital IT we can provide that without interfering with your existing web and e-mail hosting arrangements.

Hosting Services

Vital IT hosting plans

** all prices are inc gst, all plans are paid annually. Webmail access is provided for all mailboxes. PHP and MySQL supported.

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